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  • Thanks so much for the great crib and toys...my peanut slept great! I will definitely recommend you to others and use your services again in the future! Linda, South Carolina 
  • Just wanted to say that your services were amazing! Thanks for contributing to making our trip worthwhile:) We will definitely use your company in the future. Hailey



One of the top 100 Veteran friendly Franchise for 2012

Travel Babees was selected as one of the top 100 Veteran friendly Franchise for 2012.

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Date: 05/15/2012
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Planning for the pitfalls when traveling with your children

You might not give the baggage handlers at airports a lot of thought until that perilous point in your day when you are waiting for your suit cases to drop onto the baggage belts and for some reason, they don't.  Or, you can wait in the special claims area section for your car seats and stroller, only to have them come down the chute with a seat missing or a stroller that has had the wheel ripped off. At that point, you can make your way over to the baggage office for your airline and stand in line with others who are waiting on their luggage as well.  It's a frustrating end to a long day, or a unhappy beginning to a long awaited vacation.

Unfortunately for those in this situation, this happens more often than you would like to believe. In the crush of miles of luggage, our precious items can be misplaced and our expensive strollers can be crushed. If you plan on taking your children's safety seats and your stroller along on your vacation, there are a few ways you can protect them:

  • Place labels on car seats. Include your name, the dates of your travel, the hotel name where you will be staying, and your cell phone numbers. If your seats are lost, this will make it easier for them to be returned to you. 
  • Put your car seats together in a large plastic bag. Often the airline will provide these bags, but bring your own just in case.
  • Fold your stroller up to it's most compact position and zap strap the wheels down. The wheels of a stroller are often the most damaged area, and many parents have their equipment returned to them with a missing wheel. 
Even with the utmost precaution, accidents will happen. Anyone who has experienced the irritation of having to fill out a claim form for a $1000 stroller will tell you that it's a frustrating experience. Your best bet for protecting the necessary gear you need to keep your children safe is to leave it at home.  Travel BaBees has locations across the the USA, and can provide you with a clean, sparkling stroller or car seats of any size.  Before your next vacation, give us a call!

Date: 05/14/2012
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Want to spend more time with your kids? Work from home!

There are so many moms who struggle with their career and raising their children. It's difficult to manage on one income these days, especially since so many have lost their jobs and the economy is still rebounding. If you are one of the mothers who wish they could work from home, look no further than a Travel BaBees franchise. 

Despite the pressure that the economy has placed on the Travel industry, there are still families heading out in droves to places of interest across the USA. More than 71% of those who are traveling use baby services. There is nothing that takes away the stress of travel than knowing that a nice stroller or fully set up crib is waiting for you at your destination.

Starting up a Travel BaBees franchise doesn't require a lot of capital and you can work from home. You have access to training and support along the way, whenever you need it. It's a great way to continue on your career path and still be sure that you aren't missing important school functions and those baby firsts that you will never see again. 

For more information, visit Travel BaBees today! 

Date: 05/13/2012
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Traveling with your baby? Fighting boredom while on the road

If you are heading out on the road this spring break, you might be wondering what to bring along for your kids. Packing light with children is not an option, as they will always want to bring another toy or a beloved stuffy. 

To keep them busy in the car this spring break, Travel BaBees has come up with a few tips for entertaining them along the way:

Movies - Whether they watch them on your iPhone or on a portable DVD player, movies will make your trip much more relaxing. If you have several children, consider loading a separate movie on to your phone for your toddler and another onto the portable DVD for your older child.

Road games - Counting the blue cars as they go by can be an entertaining game for a half hour. There are many driving games you can play with your children. Make a few up along the way and you'll watch the miles disappear.

Backpacks - Stuff your child's backpack with a new toy, coloring books, new markers, and a few other odds and ends that you've picked up at the bargain store before your trip. A backpack works very well if you surprise your child with it.

Books - Books are a no-brainer for long road trips, and they can make the time fly by. Be sure to put a pillow with your child so they can be comfy while reading, and don't be surprised if they doze off for a nap.

Your upcoming road trip doesn't have to be stressful. Be prepared for when they are bored and pack light, because Travel BaBees can supply you with everything you need once you arrive.

Date: 05/12/2012
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More Spring Break options from across the USA!

We had so many comments on Twitter about our list of fun things to do this Spring Break that we decided to add a few more. Travel BaBees has locations in major cities across the USA, so you can plan on us being wherever you are.

Here are some quick ideas if you are heading out into the great wide open this spring break:

  • Atlanta - There is no better place to be a kid than Atlanta. If you have older children with you on your trip, the number one rated tourist attraction in Atlanta right now is Segway tours. It's a great way to view a beautiful city. 
  • Orange County - At one time Orange County was full of orange trees. When Walt Disney bought up acres of land for his future amusement parks, he changed the face of Orange County forever. In California, there is no better place to spend Spring Break than Disney. It's kid friendly and great for adults as well. 
  • Orlando - On the opposite coast, Orlando is much more than another city in Florida. Per capita, this vibrant city has more amusements per capita than almost anywhere else. Visit DisneyWorld, with four parks in one location or Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. Whether its Tigger and Pooh or Spiderman that your kid loves, it's all in Orlando.
  • Dallas - Put your cowboy boots on and take your kids out in this bustling city full of fun. Visit the world class Zoo, where you and the kids could spend the day exploring new vistas under the bright Texas sun. 
Spring break is fast approaching! Get our your to-do lists and start making your plans. Your kids are only young once, and you don't want to miss your opportunity to show them the world. 

Date: 05/11/2012
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Spring break is on it's way! Need ideas for a fun week?

With Spring break and Easter on it's way, parents are throwing their hands in the air and wondering how to entertain their kids for the duration. If you have the means, this is the best year to take your little ones on a trip of a lifetime. Travel deals are at record low, and you can definitely get more bang for your buck if you pack up the family and go this year.

With locations across the USA, Travel BaBees knows the best places for you to take your kids this break. Check out these great places at our different locations:

  • San Jose - For those with older kids, the Winchester Mystery House is a must see in the San Jose area. This house was built by a heiress who loved the mysterious and eclectic, so expect stairways that go no where and secret passageways. 
  • San Francisco - Six Flags is reopening at the beginning of March, and with it comes an amazing choice of rides, characters, and kids activities. It's truly a great place to spend a few fun days with the kids. 
  • Washington, DC - Beyond the White House and the Lincoln Memorial, there is a hub of educational and fun activities for families in Washington. No where else can you see the Smithsonian, a string of fantastic museums that house artifacts from space satellites to Kermit the Frog. 
  • Phoenix - The Valley of the Sun will captivate you when you visit Phoenix. Enjoy the great weather, and visit local attractions like Rawhide Western Town. Your little cowboy or cowgirl will not be disappointed. 
Our franchisees know their local areas like the back of their hands, so when booking your next Travel BaBees rentals, be sure to ask for tips on what to see and do. 
Have a great spring break! 

Date: 05/10/2012
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In a jam? Travel BaBees is great for much more than travel

Travel BaBees aims to make travel with your children as stress free and easy as possible, but did you know that we also have solutions for your life that have nothing to do with traveling?

The Stork Craft recall is a prime example of where a major inconvenience can turn into a stress free experience. When Stork Craft advised that parents immediately stop using their cribs, many were in a bind. Stores pulled cribs from their stock, and in many cases there were not enough replacements to go around. Travel BaBees was able to step in and provide a safe, secure sleeping environment through crib rentals. With a Travel BaBees crib rental you get economical weekly rates, and set up is entirely taken care of, saving you the hassle of putting together a new crib until your repair kit came.

Yet another benefit to renting from Travel BaBees? Trying out new baby equipment before buying. If you've had your eye on a double jogging stroller but want to try it before you buy, rent one from Travel BaBees. You'll get a good feel for the stroller, as well as find out how it works for you before making a huge investment.  A stroller rental is also great if you are watching a niece or nephew or a grandchild for a week or two.

No matter the bind, Travel BaBees is there to make sure your baby is safe and comfortable.

Date: 05/09/2012
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Cabin fever relief for the snowbound

It's hard to believe that some parts of the country are experiencing spring like weather conditions when the other half is completely snow bound. If you are one of the unlucky few who have experienced a harsher than average winter, you are probably ready to explode from cabin fever. I'm sure you've run through every activity you can think of for your kids, so instead of posting arts, crafts, or games, here are a few web sites you might not have visited to get some fresh new ideas to keep you sane this winter:

  • Do you have a budding astronaut on your hands? Spend some time on the Nasa kids club. You and your child can build a rocket or explore deep space. The best part? There are a variety of levels so your child can play solo. 
  • The Smithsonian is out of reach for everyone who doesn't live in the area, but you can still visit the museum online by spending some time at Smithsonian for kids. Their interactive walkthroughs take you and your child through virtual exhibits. It's fascinating, and they can learn at the same time. 
  • How Stuff Works is interesting for adults, but when you are trying to answer the endless questions that come out of your child's mouth, this is a great web site to find the answers. 
Although it's difficult to be cooped up in the house with your children, it's best to take advantage of the time you have together and make the most of it. The snow will melt eventually. Happy winter!

Date: 05/08/2012
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Airline travel: Striking fear into parents hearts everywhere

This fall has been more stressful than usual for parents across the country. We've had to deal with the H1N1 pandemic, resulting in our worry every single time our kids sniff or sneeze. Resign yourself to the fact that your monthly budget must expand to include exciting extras such as Purell and Anti-bacterial soap, at least for the next few months.

Just when we've started to relax slightly, WHAM! We're hit with the upcoming holiday season. Yes, it snuck up on us again. The celebration of Thanksgiving on November 26th begins a month long holiday bonanza that will include parties, family get-togethers, and the two words that cause parents to recoil in horror: Airline travel.

If you've been watching the news in the past month, you will have already heard of the mom and screaming toddler that were escorted off SouthWest Airlines because the child would not settle down. Any parent can imagine being in the same situation.

Traveling with your kids can't be said to be a fun experience, but many, many Americans pack up their kids and their suitcases to travel across the country to be with family and friends. Given how stressful it is to handle your children in large places such as airports and small places such as airplanes, how can you avoid the pitfalls along the way? Planning is key to avoiding some of the stress. Not unlike a commando going into war, plan your itinerary item by item and right down to the last detail. 

Need some help? Travel BaBees is here with a few quick tips that will take some of the stress out of your upcoming air travel.

Tip#1 - Pack light and leave unnecessary objects at home 
Do you know what it is like to wrestle your car seat from the grasps of the luggage carousel? Or even worse, go through the frustration of hauling your car seats into the airport only to have them get lost when you arrive? It's frustrating beyond belief, especially after a long day of switching flights and dealing with cranky, claustrophobic kids. Leave your car seats in your car and avoid this stress by renting them at your destination from Travel BaBees.

Tip #2 - Decide where your child will sleep before you get there
If you've ever asked your parents what it was like to travel with you, they'll tell you that they just put a blanket down on the floor and you'd pass out anywhere. I laugh when I hear this, because my kids would take one look at that blanket and recoil in horror. After a long day of flying, planning for where your child will sleep is important. Whether you are at a hotel or Grandma's house, having a comfortable bed will help you avoid the long, sleepless nights (for you!) that a cranky, uncomfortable child will bring when in a strange environment. If you have a baby, rent a fully equipped crib. Your fussy toddler will feel right at home in a toddler bed.Making their transition as comfortable as possible is important when traveling, especially when dealing with jet lag.

Tip #3 - You may not believe this, but leave your stroller at home
This tip is often met with stunned expressions. You paid a lot of money for your specialized stroller. It is the carrier of your child, the holder of your extras, and you can check it at the gate. Why on earth would you leave it at home?

I have two words for you: Baggage Handlers

Yes, these experienced airline professionals will check your stroller at the gate, and occasionally it will come back unscathed, but more often than not they aren't that gentle with your prized piece of equipment. I've seen strollers come back with the plastic casing cracked, with one wheel rolling away when you set it back up again, and with fabric seats ripped beyond repair. Think that is frustrating? Have you ever tried to file a claim against the airline for a destroyed stroller? You'll be waiting months for that cheque.

If you want to keep your expensive stroller intact, leave it at home. Travel BaBees can deliver a stroller to your destination, so all you have to do is grab it and go.

Yes, flying with your children is scary enough to make you want to stay home. Fortunately for traveling parents everywhere, Travel BaBees is there to lighten your load. 

You too can enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner, no matter where you have it this year.

Date: 04/25/2012
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Winter Cold Snap? Time to take the kids on a ski vacation!


If you've ever thought about taking a ski vacation with your family, you probably picture a roaring fire, days spent effortlessly gliding down the slopes, and buckets of hot chocolate.   If you have small children, the odds that your ski vacation will be as effortless as what you picture is slim to none.  Skiing, although a great sport for your family to enjoy, it is not as easy as it looks.  If you plan on taking your children for a ski holiday, here are a few tips to get you on the right track.  
You have their equipment on and they are ready to go.  How do you teach them?  The answer is:  YOU don’t.  The best thing you can do for your children is to avoid teaching them to ski yourself.  Not only is it difficult if you’ve never taught anyone to ski before, they can also pick up on any bad ski habits you may have.  Ski school is especially formulated to teaching young children the ins and outs of beginning to ski, and they include games and fun.  
If your child is slightly older and has been to ski school, you may want to hire a personal instructor or sign them up for group lessons.  Professional ski instructors know the ins and outs of progressing ability levels and can assist your child to overcome any obstacles that he or she may be experiencing.   
Ski hills are often out of the way from major cities.  Traveling light is your best bet! If you want a backpack for wandering through the resort in the evenings, rent one from Travel BaBees. Skiing is exhausting, and that afternoon nap will ensure your continued energy on the slopes. Be sure that your baby will have the best nap as well, but renting a full crib with organic linens.  
Enjoy your time swooshing down the slopes! 

Date: 04/25/2012
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